Assist Ashfield:

A primary school, in the Ashfield area, is running a Cluster Athletics Carnival for the six primary schools. They have asked for Murdoch pre-service teachers to help them.

This will provide you with very worthwhile practical experience with the facilitation of large events in schools. It is also a good way to become known in schools and to have additional experience to add to your CV. 

The carnival is on Friday 14 September 2018. 

If you are interested, please email


Welcome to SONIA, the professional placement system of Murdoch University's, School of Education Professional Experience Office.


 School of Education


Welcome to SONIA, the professional placement system of Murdoch University's, School of Education Professional Experience Office.


The Professional Experience Office coordinates professional experience placements for the pre-service teachers enrolled in Initial Teacher Education (ITE) courses. The Professional Experience Office website provides important information for pre-service teachers, external moderators and schools.


Log in to SONIA using your MAIS username and password. If you experience any difficulties, or have any questions about SONIA, please contact the Professional Experience Office.


Phone: (08) 9360 7477, Email:  , Website:


To reset your password, please contact the Student IT Helpdesk on (+618) 9360 2000


Please make sure that you are familiar with the Professional Experience Code of Conduct that you have agreed to, below is a copy for your perusal. 



in accordance with Work Integrated Learning Policy


1.        Murdoch’s School of Education provides a number of different courses (“Courses”) that require Pre-service teachers to participate in placements (“Placements”) at early learning or day care centres, pre-primary, primary or secondary schools (“Schools”).  This agreement relates to your current or any future enrolment in such Course(s). 


2.        You agree that you will:

a.        refer to your Course’s unit guides (“Unit Guides”) for further information relating to Placements and comply with any requirements described in those Unit Guides;


b.        use Murdoch’s “Sonia” website (as described in each Unit Guide) to assist in managing your Placement activities;


c.        comply with any prerequisites for Placements specified in Unit Guides (e.g. National Police History Check and Working With Children Check);


d.        disclose any disability which may affect a Placement and any special accommodations you are seeking (and you agree that Murdoch can disclose necessary information to the relevant School);


e.       attend induction/orientation programs provided by Murdoch and read all relevant materials provided;


f.       participate in any safety training or instruction provided by a School at which you are placed, until deemed competent by that School;


g.        comply with each School’s policies and procedures, including in relation to occupational health and safety, dress standards, punctuality and equal opportunity, of which you are advised;


h.        take responsibility for your own learning by participating fully in the learning process, undertaking all learning opportunities provided and seeking feedback and guidance on improvement; 


i.        carry out the tasks expected to be undertaken, as noted in the Unit Guides;


j.        in respect of each Placement, communicate with your on-site mentor at the corresponding School (“Mentor”); 


k.        notify your Unit Coordinator of any problems that arise during a Placement that cannot be resolved by discussion with your Mentor or your external supervisor;


l.        act courteously and diligently, and follow all lawful instructions that a School gives you during the course of your Placement;


m.        reduce the risk of conflict of interest by not accepting any Placement for a Professional Experience unit at a School where you are currently employed, or where someone with a close personal connection to you (such as a family member, spouse or friend) is a student, employee or contractor;


n.        advise your Mentor and the Murdoch University Professional Experience office as soon as possible if for any reason, for example sickness, you are unable to attend a School for a period of time or if a Placement needs to be ended; and 


o.        advise your Mentor and the Murdoch University Professional Experience office as soon as practicable following any accident, injury or damage incurred while undertaking a Placement (you should also complete a University Online Incident Report and lodge this with your Mentor and Murdoch University Professional Experience office). 



3.        You acknowledge that:



a.       you will not be an employee of any School as a result of participating in a Placement;



b.       you will not be entitled to receive workers’ compensation, superannuation, remuneration, annual leave, sick leave, long service leave or any other type of leave or employment-related benefit from any School; and



c.       you have no expectation whatsoever of being offered employment with any School upon completion of a Placement at that School.





4.        You acknowledge that your Placement at a School may be suspended or terminated by Murdoch in the following circumstances:


a.        you are unable, after feedback, due instruction and guidance, to perform satisfactorily without an inappropriate or an unattainable degree of supervision with respect to: 


i. the stated learning objectives of the Placement;

ii. exercising skills designed to ensure a school student’s comfort or safety within the School; or

iii. the performance of procedures already taught, demonstrated and practised in a prior practical situation.


b.        you perform in a manner detrimental to the professional experience of other Pre-service teachers on placement at the School;


c.        you breach the legal, ethical or professional codes of the School or of the education industry;


d.        you demonstrate negligence in the performance of an assigned duty; or


e.        the School is unable or unwilling to maintain an appropriate experience for you, your progress will be reviewed by the School of Education.



The above is additional to any conditions and procedures set out in the Unit Guides.




5.        If you receive any business, commercial or financial information from a School as part of any Placement then you agree to keep it confidential and only use it as permitted by the School.  This will not prevent you from disclosing information that is in the public domain or as required by law.  This obligation continues perpetually.



6.       If you receive personal information about an individual as part of any Placement, you must keep that information confidential and only use it for the Placement.  You must also comply with any policies of the School, of which you are advised, relating to personal information. This obligation continues perpetually.