How to book your placement

1.  Go to Forms and choose the student placement agreement and fill this out

2.  Go to Placements and depending on what type of placement you are doing please choose the appropriate placement group.

A note about choosing the placement group: From third year to fifth year you are required to complete a minimum of 2 weeks in small animal experience and 2 weeks in equine/production/mixed animal experience. For your remaining weeks of ECE you can choose between small animal or equine/production/mixed experience or you may choose another type of practice such as exotics or wildlfe. This is what is meant by "own choice". Until you have made up your quota of the minimum for small or for equine/production/mixed, you are advised to book placements under the Sonia placement groups for these categories rather than under the "own choice" groups.

3.  Once joined then please choose the site where you would like to do your clinical placement and select the dates you wish to attend and submit. (Choose the day you will start the placement from the first calendar and choose your last day from the second calendar.)

4.  In some cases there may be checks you need to undertake before the booking gets logged into the system. To do this click on the DETAILS button within the placement group and scroll down to your booked in placement to see if there are checks that need to undertaken. If there are then go to the forms section and choose the appropriate form, fill it in and then press the submit button. This will then log the booking into the system.

If the site you wish to attend is not listed as an option you can request that it be added to the system. To do this go to the Site Submission tab (above) and select "+submit a new site". Fill in the details and remember to press "submit". You will be notified when the site has been approved and you can then make your booking as normal.

If you need to change or cancel a booking you have made please contact Gill Faller You must follow up on any bookings that you make in error so that they are removed from the system.

Any questions please contact Cristy Secombe  or Gill Faller